Online security

Secured by ING

The internet allows you can take care of your banking at any time, wherever you are. The security of your online transactions is very important to ING. As a result, we're doing everything we can to protect your financial transactions and data.

What steps does ING take to guarantee your online security?

  • ING's security experts constantly analyse the methods used by online criminals to ensure the bank's security measures can handle every threat.
  • ING continually monitors your online transaction requests and the way in which you conduct your online banking to detect any suspicious patterns.
  • We constantly test our own applications (Home’Bank, Business’Bank, ING Banking, Smart’Banking ...), from the first line of code to their publication online. Even after that point, we keep testing and improving the security of all our applications and services, for as long as they remain accessible online.

Keeping online banking secure together

Secure connection

The ING websites (Home’Bank, Business'Bank) that ask for personal data use a secure connection (https). That way, we can guarantee your data do not fall into the wrong hands.

Access to online banking

We will always ask you to log on to access online banking, so that we can check you are definitely authorised to view the information you have requested. Never share your login details with anyone else.

itsme® and the ING Card Reader: your electronic signature

itsme® is an app that enables you to identify yourself securely online. The app uses the data on your electronic ID card (eID), the SIM card in your smartphone and your smartphone itself to create a super-secure and unique ID. itsme® enables you to log in and perform transactions without your ING Card Reader. From November 2020, you can also use itsme® to sign ING documents online.

Together with your ING card , the ING Card Reader enables you to view your accounts and perform transactions from any PC. The ING Card Reader reads the chip in your ING debitcard to create unique codes you can use to sign off your online transactions. With these security measures, you can rest assured you're the only person with access to your accounts.

Online banking payment limits

To further strengthen your online security, we also apply payment limits for online banking. More info on these payment limits can be found here.

Automatic disconnection

ING will automatically disconnect your internet session if it remains idle for several minutes. Once we've done so, we will ask you to log in again to use Home'Bank, Business'Bank or ING Banking. That way, we prevent your internet connection with ING from remaining live while you got distracted by something else.

Up-to-date antivirus software

Make sure you always have up-to-date antivirus software installed on your PCs, tablets and smartphones. This software identifies, blocks and deletes malicious software.