Let’s stop online fraud

Fraudsters are creative. They demonstrate a great deal of ingenuity in their attempts to steal money from their victims. Learn how to spot their tricks and protect yourself.

When you visit an agency, be sure to take our Fraud flyer or download the flyer here.

The latest news on fraud

Update: 11/01/2021

IMPORTANT: you can learn to read to which website the links in the messages take you and detect fraud on www.ing.be/URL.

Basic fraud prevention rules

Have you been the victim of online fraud?

Have you received a fraudulent message claiming to be from ING? Please send it to us (phishing@ing.be).

Have you noticed a suspicious transaction on your bank account? Please let us know (fraud@ing.be).

Learn to spot the signs

There are ways to spot fraudulent messages. Follow our tips to avoid the pitfalls. 

The various types of fraud

Here are the various types of fraud which our clients may come across.