Make a donation for the festive season

The festive season is an opportunity to show a little solidarity. ING gives you the opportunity to support a good cause. Find out how you can help.

How can I contribute?

Each year, together with the King Baudouin Foundation, ING financially supports social projects that contribute to the development of the circular economy, digital inclusion and financial education.

You too can choose to support one of these 3 funds with your vote:

  1. The ING Fund for a more circular economy supports projects that seek sustainable solutions to reduce waste, preserve natural resources and create jobs.
  2. The ING Fund for a more digital society supports the development of digital skills and contributes to reducing the digital divide.
  3. The ING Fund for financial education is committed to improving the financial literacy of young people. 

How to vote for a fund?

In a branch via Charity boxes

Come into an ING Client house and place the token you will be given after your appointment in the box corresponding to the Fund of your choice.

Each ING Client house will donate €1,500 to the fund that receives the most votes. The second and third placed projects will receive €1,000 and €500 respectively.

Online through the ING Banking app

As an ING customer, you can make a donation directly from your ING Banking app.

Where to find an ING Client House

  • Bruxelles: ING Porte Louise - Louizaplein 7, 1060 Saint-Gilles
  • Liège: ING Liège Opera - Rue G. Clemenceau 11, 4000 Liège
  • Wavre: ING Wavre - Bd de l'Europe 10, 1300 Wavre
  • Mons: ING Mons Orsay - Avenue des Guérites 1, 7000 Mons
  • Namur: ING Namur CH - Rue de l'Ange 46, 5000 Namur
  • Hasselt: ING Hasselt - Welvaartstraat 1, 3500 Hasselt
  • Gent: ING Gent Kouter - Kouter 173, 9000 Gent
  • Leuven: ING Leuven - Bondgenotenlaan 31, 3000 Leuven
  • Antwerpen: ING Antwerpen Metropool - Lange Gasthuisstraat 20, 2000 Antwerpen
  • Aalst: ING Aalst - Gentsesteenweg 150, 9300 Aalst
  • Oostende: ING Oostende Jet Center - Gistelsesteenweg 1, 8400 Oostende

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