Call for projects 2022: ING Sustainable Buildings Fund

Imagine the city of tomorrow. A place where almost all urban infrastructure is covered by plants and trees. Where the air is no longer polluted and where noise and temperature extremes are considerably reduced.... What if the first step to this ideal city was to green the facades of our public buildings?

With this call for projects, the ING Green Building Fund wants to make a lasting contribution to cleaning the air in our cities, reducing the urban heat island effect, and bringing nature back into the city. To create buildings that make a positive contribution to our environment and to the wellbeing of the people who live and work in them. By removing particulate matter and CO2 from our atmosphere, enhancing biodiversity and improving the thermal and acoustic performance of buildings. Just a few of the many benefits of green facades!

Call for projects

The call for projects ended June 21st 2022.

Planning to green the facades of a museum, railway station or community centre to give the inhabitants, users and your building the benefits of greening? Or maybe you want to use the large exterior walls of a hospital or sports centre to create vertically suspended green spaces? What about turning your school campus into a green oasis with different plants adorning the walls of the buildings for greater sustainability and wellbeing? The ING Fund for Sustainable Buildings can help you make your facade greening project a reality.

  • Who is this call for? Any organisation can apply, so long as you occupy a building that is frequently visited by the public. So a town or city hall, railway station, hospital, rest home, rehabilitation centre, nursing home, daycare centre, school, sports centre, swimming pool, museum, theatre, cultural centre, (media) library, community centre, etc.
  • Available support: €500,000 is available for all projects, with a maximum of €100,000 euros per project.

What better way to celebrate 150 years of ING than to help build a more sustainable future for the next 150 years ang beyond. The ING Sustainable Buildings Fund is aimed at doing just that. Starting with our own Marnix building in Brussels, where we’ll be installing a green roof. After the renovation, our head office will be CO2 neutral with a BREEAM Outstanding certificate, one of the most important sustainability certificates for buildings and a first in Belgium. Other ING buildings will follow suit in a variety of cities.