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Home’Bank has had a facelift. Discover everything about it on this page.

Home’Bank received a complete makeover. Why? Simple: ING strives to make banking more user-friendly and accessible. After the launch of our mobile application for smartphones and tablets, it was finally Home'Bank's turn to receive a complete makeover for an even better online banking service on your computer.

The new version of Home'Bank in the spotlight


Brand new intuitive menu

Home’Bank is completely integrated in our ing.be website. All the information is structured in the same way: "Day-to-day banking", "Lending", "Savings", "Investments", "Insurance" and "Retirement". Every section now also has its own Home'Bank menu showing all the familiar options.


All your settings on 1 page

Here you can modify your personal details and your Home'Bank and Mobile Banking settings.


Personalised Home'Bank homepage and direct links

Modifying your Home'Bank homepage is now even easier: settings allows you to add or remove accounts and change their order in no time. If you use the same options often, you can also keep them as direct links. Click on settings and choose the direct links and their order.


Easy online simulations and requests

Every page includes direct links to online simulations, price calculations and application forms for accounts, insurance policies, loans and much more. All this in the secure Home'Bank environment.


Security first

Of course ING makes every effort to keep Home'Bank as secure as possible, but we need to work together to achieve maximum security. Make sure you always follow these 3 golden rules for secure online banking:

  • Always log in to Home’Bank through the ing.be website.
  • Never share any personal details or PIN codes.
  • Always use the number on the back of your ING bank card when you call the Home’Bank Helpdesk.

Is there anything else you want to ask or are unsure about? All information on secure online banking is available on ing.be/security.


All the demos about Home’Bank

Online banking is really easy. The proof in pictures with our demos about Home’Bank.

A question about Home’Bank?

Do you have a question about your password, your limits, etc.? You will most likely find the answer in the frequently asked questions.

Your opinion matters

Can you already access the new version of Home’Bank? Great! Let us know what you think of it. Or read others’ reactions.

Secure online banking

We need to work together to achieve maximum security. Find out what ING does for your security and how you can contribute.