Discover the many advantages of a pension savings plan!

We need to start thinking now about our retirement, but not just how we’re going to spend our time gardening or pursuing hobbies. About our pension, for example! Because even though we seldom think of it like that, retirement is actually something to look forward to. Nobody forcing you to do anything, you can do whatever you like... Great!

Want to keep doing your thing tomorrow?

In order to live comfortably in old age, you need to have sufficient finances. You won’t get very far with your statutory pension. You already know that. That’s why it’s so important to start pension savings now! And to be clear: no, you’re not too young for that. And no, certainly not too old either. 

Misconceptions about pension savings

Let's first clear up a few misconceptions.

It’s completely understandable that you, as a starter, aren’t losing any sleep over your pension right now. But remember: the earlier you start your retirement savings plan, the more financial breathing space you can expect later, regardless of whether you still go skating or prefer to spend your winters on the Costa Brava.


On the contrary. Of course, saving for your pension exists primarily to supplement your statutory pension later, but it can already have a potential benefit for you today, a tax benefit to be precise.


The earlier you start with a pension savings plan. However, it’s never too late to begin. The statutory pension to which you’ll be entitled will probably not be enough to maintain a comfortable standard of living, so any addition will be welcome.


Saving is important, sure. But the combination of low interest rates and inflation means that your savings hardly yield anything, and actually even lose value. If you want a nice extra on top of your statutory pension when the time comes, saving alone is no longer the most attractive solution. The purpose of saving for your pension is to give you an extra for when you retire.

The benefits of a pension savings plan in a nutshell:

  • You decide for yourself how much you want to save and how frequently
  •  You may receive a potential tax advantage of up to €317.5 per year depending on the amount you deposit.
  •  The impact on your life today is limited, but may be all the greater and more positive later.

Maybe you'd like to know more before getting started...