Regular investment plan

ING Focus Plan

What is an investment plan?

The ING Focus Plan is a regular savings plan which you can use to build up a nice capital sum. Your money is invested in one or several sub-funds.

Who is it for?

If you have a current account with ING or an ING Invest Account you can open an investment plan.​


  • Setting up your contract: you choose a maximum of 5 sub-funds within the existing ING products. These are then grouped in a normal securities portfolio.
  • Managing your contract: you can change the amount, the frequency of your deposits or the sub-funds in which you invest at any time.
  • Ending your contract: you can end your contract free of charge whenever you want.


You choose for yourself the amount of your deposits. Given that the money is invested in fractions of sub-funds, you do not need to have a large budget available. You can invest just 25 euro per sub-fund.


You choose for yourself the term of your investment plan. It must be at least one year.


The return on your ING Focus Plan is variable and not guaranteed. Depending on the performance of the selected sub-funds, you could enjoy an attractive capital growth.


Reasonable risk.


  • Setting up, changing and ending the contract is free of charge.
  • The subscription fee is 3%.

Are you interested in an investment plan?

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