Pension plan through your company

ING Business Pension Plan

  • Individual policy

  • 100% deductible

  • Very flexible

As a self-employed business owner, are you looking for a pension plan which is entirely tax deductible for your company? If so, then the ING Business Pension Plan is for you!

The advantages for your company

  • Less tax: under certain conditions, premiums paid are fully tax deductible.
  • Package tailored to your needs: either you choose the premium amount or you determine the capital you are aiming for, and the premiums will be calculated accordingly.
  • Flexibility: you can change the terms of the policy at any time.
  • Can be combined: this policy can be taken out at the same time as other professional savings plans (such as PSPS, group insurance, etc.).

The advantages for you

  • Supplementary pension capital: you can build yourself a good capital to supplement your pension.
  • Extra-legal benefits: under certain conditions, premiums are paid by the company and are not taxed as benefits in kind in your personal income.
  • Completely guaranteed: any capital you have already saved is always guaranteed.

Are you interested?

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