Pension plan through your company

AXA Individual Pension Commitment

  • Individual policy

  • 100% deductible

  • Very flexible

As a self-employed company director, you can save for an attractive pension plan with the Individual Pension Commitment. The premiums for your pension plan are paid by your company and may be tax deductible under certain conditions.

The advantages for your company

  • Less tax: under certain conditions, premiums paid are fully tax deductible.
  • Package tailored to your needs: either you choose the premium amount or you determine the capital you are aiming for, and the premiums will be calculated accordingly.
  • Flexibility: you can change the terms of the policy at any time.
  • Can be combined: this policy can be taken out at the same time as other professional savings plans (such as PSPS, group insurance, etc.).

The advantages for you

  • Supplementary pension capital: you can build yourself a good capital to supplement your pension.
  • Extra-legal benefits: under certain conditions, premiums are paid by the company and are not taxed as benefits in kind in your personal income.
  • Advance payment option: under the ‘crest’ and ‘secure’ formulas, you can take up part of your capital at any time for the purchase or renovation of a residential property within the euro zone.



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