Save with a private supplementary pension for the self-employed

As a self-employed person your statutory pension is only half that of an employee, so ING offers you a pension plan which is twice as good. With ING PSPS, you build up a solid fund for your future, while reducing your taxes and social security contributions now. Worth thinking about!

  • Specially for self-employed people

    With the option of deducting the money you save against tax as a business expense.

  • Double savings

    You enjoy tax breaks and also reduce the level of your social security contributions.

  • Flexible contributions

    You choose the amount of your premiums and how frequently you pay.

  • Guaranteed return

    The fund you build up and the minimum return are always guaranteed.

  • Combined advantages

    You can add the benefits of the PSPS to other pension savings plans in order to enjoy a comfortable level of capital for your pension savings.

Are you tax resident in Belgium, self-employed full-time or part-time, or an assisting spouse?

Then you can enjoy the double benefits of the PSPS for a minimum period of five years and pay in up to your 65th birthday, or longer if you are still working and paying social security contributions. The minimum term of your policy is five years.

You do not have to pay any management fees, there is simply a subscription fee of 6.5% on each premium you pay in.

  • Take advantage of the tax breaks: You can deduct the amount of the premiums you pay in as business expenses. Since the premiums are tax-deductible, your professional income, which serves as the basis for calculating your future social security contributions, is also reduced.
  • Reduce your future social security contributions: Since your premiums are tax-deductible, your professional income, which serves as the basis for calculating your social security contributions, is also reduced.
  • Choose how often and how much you pay in: You can pay your premiums monthly, quarterly or annually. You decide, provided you pay a minimum of €600 per year with a minimum of €50 per payment, and a maximum of €3,060.07 per year (2016 earnings - 2017 tax year)*.
  • Guaranteed return, You enjoy:
    • a guaranteed rate of return of 0.75%* plus a possible profit-sharing bonus if savings reserves are at least €495
    • or a possible profit-sharing super bonus (not guaranteed and cannot be combined with the profit-sharing bonus) if annual contributions are at least €595.

* Rate applied to each deposit made after 21 September 2016 and until such time as this rate changes. Future payments will be capitalised at the guaranteed interest rate in effect at the time they are paid into the ING Life Belgium SA account.

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