ING offers substantially higher rate on savings

  • ING launches the ING Savings Account, a new savings account with 0.35% base rate and 0.65% fidelity premium
  • ING Tempo Savings offers 0.70% base rate and 0.70% fidelity premium
  • ING increases rates for all remaining regulated savings accounts to 0.40% base rate and 0.10 fidelity premium

ING will substantially raise the interest rate on all its savings accounts on 9 January 2023. For the new ING Savings Account and ING Tempo Savings, ING has chosen to offer an even higher rate. With the new ING Savings Account, ING addresses the needs of savers seeking flexibility and return.

ING Savings Account: new savings account with attractive base rate and fidelity premium

In addition to an attractive base rate, the new ING Savings Account also offers a significantly higher fidelity premium. From 9 January 2023 onwards, ING will combine a base rate of 0.35% with a higher fidelity premium of 0.65% for this regulated savings account. 

ING Tempo Savings: superior reward for regular savings

For those who want to save regularly, ING goes one step further. With ING Tempo Savings, customers choose to save a fixed amount of up to 500 euros a month. A good habit that helps to build up savings. Regular savers are rewarded for this with a substantially higher interest rate. On the ING Tempo Savings, customers enjoy a 0.70% base rate and a 0.70% fidelity premium. This interest rate increase will take effect on 9 January 2023. ING Tempo Savings is a regulated savings account in euro for online use only.

ING will also raise the base rate and the fidelity premium on the ING Green Account, the ING Orange Account, the ING Lion Premium Account and ING Lion Deposit. For those regulated savings products, the interest rate raises from 0.01% base rate and 0.10% fidelity premium to 0.40% base rate and 0.10% fidelity premium.