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Automatic savings

Can you save money without even thinking about it? It's simple!

Would you like to pay into your savings account, but find you can't manage it? It's easy when you set up an Automatic Savings Standing Order. With a single standing order, you decide when and how much you pay in, so you save money without even thinking about it.

  • Automatic savings

    No more timewasting and useless paperwork: you define your savings criteria just once, and then everything happens automatically.

  • Flexible savings

    You decide the amount and frequency of your automatic savings yourself.

  • Save easily

    You save at your own pace, without giving it a second thought!

The Automatic Savings tStanding Order is a standing order that allows you to save at your own pace. You decide how often the standing order is applied by defining the frequency of payments. Of course, you also choose the amount you save. This amount can even vary according to criteria that you define yourself.

What this means in practice

  • You save a set amount at regular intervals. You are free to choose the amount, to set and change the frequency, or even to suspend the standing order temporarily. The most common option is to save a set amount every month.

  • You save a variable amount. For instance, you can set up a standing order to ensure that whenever your current account balance exceeds 250 euros at the end of the month, the surplus is automatically transferred to your savings account.

The amount you have chosen will then be paid into your ING savings account automatically.

Do you have an ING savings account and want to save money on a regular basis or put something aside for your children or grandchildren? The Automatic Savings Standing Order could benefit you.

If you do not yet have a savings account, find out more about ING's range of savings options.

The ING automatic savings account is absolutely free.


Create your standing order by defining how much and how often you want to save.

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Create your standing order by defining how much and how often you want to save.

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