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Will your statutory pension be enough to ensure a comfortable retirement? Calculate below how much you have to save to reach your pension goal. Once you know that, you can have a look at ING' pension solutions. There always one adapted to your situation and your needs.

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Years your statutory pension is a portal of the Belgian government where you can check your personal pension details. How much statutory pension have you built up by now? What is your exact retirement date? How much supplementary pension have you already saved? Log on with itsme® or your eID card reader to get an answer to all your pension questions.
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Pension goal
Saved capital at age of 65 years
Capital required at age of 65 years
Extra amount to be saved Extra amount to invest
Corresponds to per month
From now until pensionable age
Based on these details
Age  years
Pensionable age  years
Professional status
Pension savings
Other savings plans

This calculation is based on the average statutory pension in Belgium and on your professional status :

Employee: €1,233.36

Self-employed: €999.14

Civil servant: €2,535

Source :

*a Belgian incorporated mutual investment fund

The information provided by the pension simulator of ING Belgium (hereinafter referred to as "the ING Belgium Simulator") is only valid on the date when given. This simulation does not take account of any subsequent changes in legislation or regulations (in particular, relating to fiscal matters) in effect at the time of the simulation. In addition, the data on which the simulation is based, whether those of ING or of the user, may change.

The information provided by the ING Belgium Simulator can never be considered as an offer. Drawn up solely on the basis of data communicated to ING and objective ING assumptions, it may only represent simple estimations and information used to assess this. The customer should always assess this information in light of their individual circumstances.

The information provided by the ING Belgium Simulator, or following the simulation, represents only simple estimations and information for assessment by the customer. This information does not in any way exempt the customer from consulting specialist advisers (on fiscal matters, etc.), notably with a view to taking their own individual situation into account.

Users of the ING Belgium Simulator remain fully and solely responsible for any use they freely make of this information and for the consequences of their decisions, except in the event of gross misconduct or intentional wrongdoing on the part of ING and without prejudice to the applicable laws.

The legal state retirement pension used in the simulation is the middle amount for single persons and according to the status (employee/self-employed/civil servant) applying to you in 2018. ( ref : ).

The returns we use in this simulation provide an indication for the long term. They are gross and do not include fees and taxes. They offer no guarantee whatsoever for the future. ING Belgium give no guarantee as to the completeness, accuracy and reliability of the information and data provided in this simulation.

The information provided does not constitute an offer of bank or insurance products or services. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the information cannot be regarded as investment advice or an investment recommendation within the meaning of the Act of 2 August 2002.

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