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ING Orange Savings Account

Choose the free of charge, classic savings account, online and in branch

With this classic savings account, you can manage your savings as you choose: online from your PC, from your smartphone, tablet or even a Self'Bank. All free of charge, of course.

  • Free account

    You pay nothing to open and run this classic savings account.

  • For anyone

    Not yet an ING customer? This classic savings account is also for you!

  • Access your savings at any time

    You can withdraw your money at any time with no restrictions

For smart savings, you are advised to keep cash reserves of roughly 6 months' net salary. That way, you will be more easily able to cope with both planned and unexpected outgoings.

The ING Orange Savings Account is a regulated open-ended savings account. It offers a basic rate of 0.01% and a loyalty bonus of 0.10%.

Interest rates are given on an annual basis and may be adjusted at any time. You can find the current rates online or in any ING branch. If the rate changes, we inform the account holders through their account statements. You can easily find the account balance on account statements, or via Home'Bank and the apps for smartphone and tablet.

Flexible management, online and free of charge

  • You pay nothing to open this savings account

    There is no charge to manage this account and Transfers are also free of charge. You can complete them yourself online or on your smartphone or tablet. Do you have an ING current account linked to this savings account? If so, you can also make your transfers from a Self'Bank.

    Do you already hold one of these savings accounts and wish to close it? This is how you close it online.

  • You choose how much you save and for how long

    Whenever you can, every month or once a year. 0 euros or 10 euros or even 100 euros at a time. You decide. For 1 month, 1 year, 10 years or for as long as you want. You make the deposits yourself online or on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also access your money at any time if you need to: a simple transfer to your current account, and it’s done!

This regulated savings account is subject to Belgian law, and the law does not allow a negative interest rate to be charged to this account. So ING will not do this.

What would happen if ING were to go bankrupt?

Your savings are protected by the deposit guarantee system scheme up to a limit of 100,000 euros. The remainder is not covered. It may be lost or subject to a reduction/conversion to shares (bail-in).

Take a look at the key information for savers.

  • You do not pay tax on your interest

    Is the interest on your ING Orange Savings Account less than 960 euros? If so, you do not pay withholding tax of 15%. Are you married or legally cohabiting? If so, your joint ING Orange Savings Account is exempt from withholding tax up to 1920 euros per couple (2018 income year).

  • We pay the interest into your savings account automatically

    Basic interest is paid annually on 1st January. The loyalty bonus is earned after 12 consecutive months. This interest is paid to you every 3 months, on fixed dates: 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October.

You can easily check the balance and interest on your account on your statements and via Home'Bank and our apps for smartphone and tablet.

This is a straightforward savings account. This page contains all the necessary information. However, before you open this account, we recommend that you read these useful documents to find out all the details:

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