Saving for young people

Choose the best savings account for your child

Do you want to teach your child to manage their money while retaining control of their savings? You can do so now with the ING Green Savings Account and the ING Orange Savings Account, two free online accounts that offer a basic rate of 0.01% and a fidelity premium of 0.10%.

  • Controlled management

    You teach your child to save money while retaining control of their account until they reach 18.

  • Secure savings

    Your child’s savings are protected by law and by the deposit guarantee scheme.

  • Free of charge

    You pay nothing to open and manage the online savings accounts.

  • Flexible

    You choose the amount, term and the way in which you manage your savings.

Would you like to teach your child to save money while retaining some control over their savings account? If so, these accounts are right for you. With the ING Orange Savings Account, your child cannot access their savings before they turn 18, except with your authorisation. With the ING Green Savings Account, your child may access their savings under your control.

It is free to open and manage these savings accounts. Transfers are free too. You carry them out yourself online or on your smartphone or tablet. Do you have an ING Current Account linked to your savings account? If so, you can also carry out your transfers at a Self'Bank terminal.

Periodically or every month, 0 euros or 10 euros, or even 100 euros at a time. You decide! For 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, and so on. Or for as long as you wish. You or your child can transfer money online, on smartphones or tablets, at a Self'Bank or ING branch.

  • You have access to the capital up until your child’s 18th birthday

    You have access to your money until your child turns 18. Transfer it to your current account – it's that simple! On your child’s 18th birthday, the young person’s savings account becomes the full property of your son or daughter and you no longer have guardianship of it.

  • Your child’s money is secure

    These two accounts are regulated savings accounts governed by Belgian law, and the law does not allow negative interest to be charged to this account. Therefore, ING will not do this.

    What would happen if ING went bankrupt? Your savings are protected up to 100,000 euros by the deposit guarantee scheme. The remainder is not covered. It may be lost or subject to a reduction or conversion into shares (bail-in). Discover the Key Information for Savers, ING Green Savings Account and ING Orange Savings Account.

  • You do not pay tax on your interest

    If the interest on the savings account is less than 1,880 euros, you will not pay the 15% withholding tax.

  • We automatically pay your interest into your savings account

    The basic interest will be transferred annually on 1 January.
    The fidelity premium is obtained after 12 consecutive months. This interest is paid every 3 months on set dates: 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October. You can monitor your account balance and interest easily on your bank statements, in Home’Bank and via our smartphone and tablet apps.

Contact us online:, call us: +32 2 464 60 04 or send us a letter: ING Complaint Management, Cours Saint-Michel/Sint-Michielswarande 60, 1040 Brussels.

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