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Regardless of your age, your savings can help you to cope with the unexpected, live out your dreams and desires or complete a project. It is also your route to independence, freedom and accomplishment.

To help you find the best savings solutions, ING presents you the results of a large-scale survey on saving, made in partnership with the Le Soir, Sudpresse and Het Laatste Nieuws, along with articles and accounts published on this topic. A source of information and inspiration.

And that's not all: you can also compare and choose various savings packages offered by ING, and analyse your profile compared to that of other savers. Don't wait any longer, take a look at our suggestion box!

60%* / 58%** feel a sense of freedom/independence thanks to their savings.

* Survey performed online in September 2011 on 996 readers of the Le Soir newspaper.
** Survey performed online in September 2011 on 456 readers of Sudpresse group newspapers.

A few tips

Start with automatic saving, and save a fixed amount each month. With an online standing order, it's very easy!


Hein Boterberg, 39 – Lives with partner, one child, pianist

"Don't opt for just one savings package. It's better to find a mixed solution that uses investments and savings accounts: this gives better results."

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