Regular investment plan

ING Focus Plan

ING Focus Plan: build your capital even with small, regular deposits!
  • From just 25 euros per month

  • Tailored risk

  • Optimal spread


Do you want to gradually build up a handsome sum in capital for your children, for your pension or for your other projects? Take a look at ING Focus Plan, the made-to-measure investment plan!


  • Tailored risk: Invest your money in a fund that you choose based on the level of risk you feel comfortable with.
  • Choice of term: You choose how much and how often you deposit and how for how long you wish to continue investing in the fund.
  • From 25 euros per month: No need to budget huge amounts, because you can invest from as little as 25 euros per month via standing order.
  • Optimal spread: Your investments are spread over time and different asset classes, regions and sectors. To minimise your risk as much as possible.
  • No capital guarantee: We cannot guarantee that you will get the money you deposit back.

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