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How much should you set aside to ensure a comfortable retirement?

Will your statutory pension be enough to ensure a comfortable retirement? We will help you calculate how much additional savings you will need. Simply enter the amount you would like to receive each month upon retirement. We will tell you how much you need to save and advise you on the various plans available to help you reach your pension goals!

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250 940 (max. in 2015)

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0 3,027.09

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You need to save more in order to reach your desired pension.

Congratulations! You can already look forward to a comfortable retirement.

In your current situation, when you reach 65 you will receive sufficient savings to enjoy a comfortable pension.

To reach your desired net monthly pension, from now on you should start saving the following amount:


More good news. You even have room for other investments and can save up to :


Good to know

This calculation is based on the average statutory pension in Belgium. The calculation is personalised based on your professional status. Do you have another pension savings plan? Enter the details of your other (pension) savings plans above so we can include them in your simulation.

The following savings and investment plans may be of interest to you.

The following savings and investment plans may be of interest to you.

Have you thought about your other plans: a trip around the world, home improvements, a financial helping hand for your children? Or a boost for your own standard of living?

Did you know there are more benefits to be gained? By choosing a savings plan with tax relieve, you can already give your standard of living a boost today.

Have you thought about giving your pension capital an extra boost via your company while saving on tax at the same time? Or perhaps you would like to start saving for your children?

You can build your pension capital at your own pace. We offer several pension savings plans with guaranteed returns and capital protection or with a potentially high rate of return.

Did you know there are also pension savings plans that can save you a fair amount in taxes? Even when saving just a small amount each month. So you can secure your standard of living both now and in the future.

Have you thought about giving your pension capital an extra boost via your company while saving on tax at the same time? Or are you looking for other, hassle-free ways to save a little extra?

ING Life Pension Plan

Saving for the long-term

More info

Ideal if you do not have a home loan!

  • Tax incentives
  • Guaranteed interest and capital
  • Combinable with other pension savings plans
  • From €50/month

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ING Focus Plan

Regular investment plan

More info

Your tailor-made investment plan!

  • High potential return without capital guarantee
  • Gradual development of your investment portfolio
  • Flexible: you can adjust your contract at any time
  • From just €25/month!

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ING Life Star Plan

Pension savings insurance

More info

Benefit from tax incentives and guaranteed interest!

  • Tax incentives (even if you have a mortgage)
  • Guaranteed capital and interest
  • Optional life insurance cover
  • From €25/month

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ING Business Pension Plan

Pension plan for self-employed business directors
More info

Pension plan via your company!

  • Significant tax incentives as a business expense
  • Guaranteed interest and capital
  • Compatible with other pension savings plans
  • You choose your premium amount or your desired capital

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Star Fund

Pension savings fund

More info

Large potential return for your pension!

  • Tax incentives
  • High potential return over the long-term without capital guarantee
  • Even if you have a home loan
  • From €25/year

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Private Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed
More info

The ideal pension plan for the self-employed!

  • Tax incentives for the self-employed
  • Guaranteed interest
  • You decide how much to deposit and how often
  • From €50/month
  • Combinable with a pension savings plan as a private individual

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Automatic Savings Standing Order

Automatic Savings

More info

Save at your own pace!

  • Automatic payments
  • Save at you own pace
  • You decide how much to save and how often

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Result of your simulation based on this data

Calculation method
Pension goal
Saved capital at age of 65 years
Capital required at age of 65 years
Extra amount to be saved Extra amount to invest
Corresponds to per month
From now until pensionable age
Based on these details
Age  years
Pensionable age  years
Professional status
Pension savings
Other savings plans

Good to know

This simulators takes into account
  • an average return of 3% (savings plan with tax relief).
  • an average return of 2% (other savings plan).
  • an inflation of 2%.

*a Belgian incorporated mutual investment fund