17 April 2018

ING Lifelong Income: terms of use of our calculator

Information communicated by ING Belgium through the ING Lifelong Income simulation tool of ING Belgium or following a simulation is supplied for information only.

Only valid at the time of use

The information communicated by the ING Lifelong Income simulation tool is only valid on the date on which it is communicated. This simulation does not take account of any subsequent changes in legislation or regulations in effect at the time of the simulation.

In addition, the data on which the simulation is based, whether on the part of ING Belgium or on your part, may change between the time when the simulation is carried out and the closing of the insurance contract.

General information

The information communicated via the ING Lifelong Income simulation tool in no way prevents you from consulting our specialist advisers, in particular with a view to taking your specific personal situation into account.


It may never be considered as an offer or a direct and personal invitation to take out an insurance policy. In no way does this information commit ING Belgium, the insurance company concerned (NN Insurance Belgium SA/NV) or yourself.

This simulation does not constitute any advice on savings or investments, in compliance with the Royal Decree of 21 February 2014 relating to the application of Articles 27 to 28a of the law of 2 August 2002 concerning the supervision of the financial sector and financial services.

You must always assess these in light of your personal situation, taking into account your own financial situation and your investment objectives.

If necessary you might make a personal application to ING Belgium. This application is subject to the acceptance of your file by the insurance company. You are of course free to accept or reject the personalised offer which may be communicated to you by the intermediary of ING Belgium.


You remain fully and solely responsible for any use you freely make of this information and for the consequences of your decisions, except in the event of gross misconduct or intentional wrongdoing on the part of ING Belgium, and without prejudice to the applicable laws.

ING Belgium's branches are at your full disposal to provide you with any further information and, if need be, a personalised offer at your request*.

* Subject to acceptance of your file by the insurance company.