Regulated savings accounts

Saving for a roof over your head or a comfortable retirement? A sunny holiday or a rainy day? With a regulated savings account from ING, the interest you earn is exempt from withholding tax.* So you can reach your goals even faster!

* Up to 1,880 euros. Interest earned above this amount will be subject to a 15% withholding tax as per 2015 tax year.
An ING Lion Premium Savings Account rewards you with a high fidelity premium.

The ING Lion Premium Savings Account lets you manage your savings 100% online and with 100% peace of mind. Moreover, this regulated savings account also rewards you for your loyalty! With an annual base interest rate of   node=/RATES/LIONP/LP_RATE;replace=html % and a fidelity premium of node=/RATES/LIONP/LP_LOYALTY;replace=html% (for balances of up to 500.000 euros). ​​​

An ING Lion Deposit helps build your reserves with attractive interest rates.

ING Lion Deposit is the free; regulated online savings account that gives you a higher base interest rate for your savings. Even if you are not yet an ING customer! Earn a base rate of node=/RATES/LIONDEPOSIT/LD_RATE1;replace=html% and a fidelity premium of node=/RATES/LIONDEPOSIT/LD_LOYALTY1;replace=html% (for balances of up to 500,000 euros).​​​

The regulated online savings account ING Tempo Savings automatically save a fixed amount of up to 500 euros per month at a base rate of node=/RATES/TEMPOSAVINGS/TS_RATE;replace=html% and a fidelity premium of node=/RATES/TEMPOSAVINGS/TS_LOYALTY;replace=html%. ​​​​
The ING Life Savings Plan Junior gives a guaranteed return and advantageous tax benefits.

Discover our savings plans: the smart and safe way to save for your child. ​​​​​​

ING's savings accounts for young people are adapted to the needs of you and your child.

An ING Orange Savings Account rewards your loyalty​.
After one year you receive a high fidelity premium on your savings. Yearly node=/RATES/ORANGEBOOK/OB_RATE1;replace=html% base rate and node=/RATES/ORANGEBOOK/OB_LOYALTY1;replace=html% fidelity premium. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

An ING Green Savings Account helps you build your reserve from day 1!

An ING Green Savings Account offers you all the convenience you need. You also have instant access to your savings. ​​​​Yearly node=/RATES/GREENBOOK/GB_RATE;replace=html% base rate and node=/RATES/GREENBOOK/GB_LOYALTY;replace=html% fidelity premium.​​​​​​​

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