Classic savings account – Ideal when saving for more than 1 year

ING Orange Savings Account

ING's savings accounts for young people are adapted to the needs of you and your child.
  • High fidelity premium

  • Instant access

  • Service included

Looking for a classic regulated savings account that rewards you for your fidelity? With the ING Orange Savings Account, you receive an extra return after one year!


  • High fidelity premium: yearly node=/RATES/ORANGEBOOK/OB_RATE1;replace=html% base rate and node=/RATES/ORANGEBOOK/OB_LOYALTY1;replace=html% fidelity premium.
  • Constant access: your savings are available at all times.
  • Tax benefit: your interest is exempt from 15% withholding tax up to 1,880 euros.
  • Easy to manage: you can manage your account via your branch, Home'Bank or the secure smartphone and tablet app.

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