Daily banking

Bank identity confirmation certificate (RIB)

Request a certificate that confirms your bank identity.

A RIB (relevé d'identité bancaire or bank identity certificate) is an identification document with an account number and the identity of the account holder (name and address).


Send your request to customerdata2@ing.be and state the following information:

  • The account number for which you want to receive a
  • The language in which it should be written.
  • How you want it to be sent. Options:
  • Post: we will send it to the address associated with the account in question (saved/validated in our database).
  • E-mail: for security purposes, we will only send a certificate (such as a RIB) to the e-mail address saved/validated in our database to ensure that the e-mail address belongs to the account holder/legal representative/proxy concerned. (Please note: the proxy will only receive the certificate for the period during which he/she had a mandate for the account in question).

 To change/verify your e-mail address, there are several secure options:

  1. The ING Banking app on your smartphone: go to your Profile (top right of the screen), select Settings > Personal data > Contact information > E-mail.
  2. Home'Bank on your PC: My personal data > E-mail: ING’s self-service corner in My personal details > Update my details (address, telephone number, e-mail): this will send you straight to the right place in Home'Bank.
  3. Customer service : in the ING Banking app ('Services' at the bottom right of the app) or call by phone: call +32 2 464 60 04. From 8 am to 8 pm on workdays and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.