Using search at ING

We have given our search results a new look! Our search engine now works a little differently than before. It searches on the entire website looking for the words used in your search query.

Start searching

To search for information on our website, enter one or more keywords in the top search bar.

To make it easier for you, when you start typing a word in the search bar we will show you some suggestions. To select one of the suggestions, click on it with your mouse or use the arrows on your keyboard.

A page will appear with a list of results containing your search term(s) or a synonym, with the most relevant search results appearing at the top of the page. In the search results, your keywords (or a synonym) are shown in bold.

For the time being you cannot search for transactions in the search bar in Home’Bank and Business'Bank, but you can search directly in your transactions.

A few tips

  • To improve your search result, enter more or fewer keywords in the search bar.
  • A search term is not case sensitive.
  • Do not use complete sentences to avoid unnecessary results.
  • Do not use words that appear on every page such as ‘the’, ‘it’, ‘a’, ‘ING’. Our search engine ignores these words.