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A full scale 48h hackathon by ING Belgium!
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#Hackaton #SYTYCC

Here are the winners of the Hackathon 2016 !

After 48 exhausting hours of hard working, the students had taken the challenge and proposed to the jury innovated ideas through an App that they created !

Here are the four winners who won the different prizes offered by the jury :

2016 winners

The team Nullexception from HEB-ESI are the winners of the first prize !

They developed a simple and convenient virtual certified cheque. This allow the customer to pay amounts above the usual cards limits without having to go to the branch to get a cheque made by the cashier. Moreover, it allows the vendors to get the funds immediately instead of waiting for the manual processing of the cheque.


The team SWIPE from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve won the second prize with their App which develops an easy way to refill your NFC wallet at Festivals and an easy way to get the money back too.


The team LZ77 from the University of Ghent received the third prize. They created an App proposing a personal coaching with easy budget managing, which uses a smart watch to keep your budget module up to date.


The team Dream from the school PXL has won the jury’s prize with their App Uberisation of Money, which connects Investors and startups with the help of the Blockchain.

This was SYTYCC 2015!

Let's go back one more time. Check out the SYTYCC aftermovie below!

winners 2015


Inge Ampe

General Manager Marketing at ING Belgium

David Dab

Head of Innovation at ING Belgium

Gregoire de Streel

Founder Belcube

Brice Le Blévennec

CEO at Emakina Group

Sonia Mourisco

Cloud software Benelux leader at IBM

Johan Kestens

Jury chairman, Managing Director and CIO at ING Belgium


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