Travel checklist to download

A checklist for successful holidays

Before setting off on holiday, it's best to have a comprehensive travel checklist of things to remember.


Travel checklist: indispensable

For a stress free departure, ING has prepared an exhaustive travel checklist of the 1,001 things you need to remember.

This travel checklist includes:

  • what you need to check before leaving (home, vehicle, insurance)
  • the essential documentation
  • the contents of your luggage
  • a basic travel medication pack
  • indispensable equipment.

A tailor-made travel checklist

Whether you are setting off alone, with your partner, with friends or with children, download our fully comprehensive travel checklist here.

What not to forget

  • Your identity documents, as well as a copy to be packed in separate luggage.
  • Your European health insurance cards.
  • A good travel and breakdown insurance policy : accident on holiday? It happens to thousands of people each year and costs around 1,500 euros, sometimes more. Your health insurer does not cover everything. A good assistance policy is therefore essential to spend your holidays in complete peace of mind.
  • Your travel checklist to verify you have forgotten nothing for the return journey.

Leaving in a few days and no travel insurance?

  • Find out about our travel insurance and obtain a tailor-made price in the blink of an eye.
    In just a few minutes, you can take one out online and you are insured immediately.