Your financial check-up

A close look at your financial situation

Your Personal Banker will carry out a personal financial check-up based on your current financial situation.


This detailed report on your financial situation gives you have a very clear overview of the statement of assets and income, your requirements. He subsequently will formulate a solution.

A four-step plan

A four-step action plan enables your Personal Banker to draw up your personal financial plan so that you can prepare for your financial future with peace of mind!

  What does your Personal Banker do?  Action 
Step 1  He makes an inventory of your assets.  Your Personal Banker maps out your financial situation: income, expenditure, insurance policies, liquid assets, investments, pension provision, loans, property, etc.
Step 2  He analyses your financial goals.  

Your Personal Banker carries out a thorough analysis of all financial projects you may have in mind for the near or distant future:

  • Is the project achievable?
  • What adjustments are needed?
  • What opportunities are there?
Step 3  He draws up a plan of action.  

Your Personal Banker works out the right approach for you:

  • He discusses the report and the recommendations with you.
  • He explains what is the best strategy for you in all possible areas: tax, inheritance, assets, legal, insurance, investments, etc.
Step 4  He helps you to take practical action.  Your Personal Banker helps you to decide objectively and constructively on the best products and services to ensure that your financial future is smooth and problem-free.